1.13 Test Server


I’ve already applied the game rule yesteday. :slight_smile:
No more mob griefing.


But, Villager farms lol


add me on 1.13 :smiley:

Minecraft 1.13 - Server Update

Added you to the whitelist! :slight_smile:


sry i forgot that i have to PM you
thank you <3


Magma is very useful for base protection!


1.13? Psh. The first snapshot for 1.13.1 has just been released! :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure If we need a pre-release of a bugfix update.


I like creeper explosions being shut off, but are you going to keep fire spread on? It really helps with clearing and flattening jungle biomes.


Yes, firespread is still on.


Fought the Ender Dragon!


Would have appreciated if I could have helped.


Changed how to connect to the test server! Please read the original post above for instructions.
Feel free to reply here if you have any questions.


1.13 is weird…


Can you add all the players from the mc.tallcraft.com:20001 server onto Lab? We had FreedomChaser1, Sivanbees, And some others I can’t remember (sorry!)


VIPs are automatically allowed. I’ve added Sivanbees manually.


Why are mobspawns so low?

Noone & I have / are in the process of building mobfarms,
I’ve noticed earlier when I was in the Nether 1-2 Zombie Pigmans were spawning… Could we get a raise on the mobcap?

And with Items on the ground, they stack up (Wasn’t like this in Vanilla)


That’s ment to be this way. Helps a lot with server performance. We also have it on the main survival server.

Shouldn’t be that extreme, but yes, mob spawns are a bit limited now. I’ll look into it and see if I can raise the limits a bit. :slight_smile:

Update: I’ve adjusted the configuration a bit. More mobs should spawn now.

Thank you for your feedback.


If it’s a Test server why ban for afk fishing if ALL progress will be deleted?


All TC Survival rules apply. That’s it. We’re not going to have an extra rule set just for the test server.