4 year ban from a great server!

My name is checkpointchaz, and I was banned from Tallcraft a while back (I think 4 years now) and me and my friend are really eager to get going on it again! I am unsure of why I was banned (it says offensive language, but I cannot remember the incident), so being able to play on the server again would be amazing! I think I was banned by Thierrycool, not sure though. Any help would be great!

@Thierrycool ^

Profile: https://tallcraft-player-search.netlify.app/player/c36390f5-d0d6-4e73-a0e5-3f6e57d46fff

Any hope? I would love to get back on playing this awesome server!

Your ban: https://tallcraft-player-search.netlify.app/player/c36390f5-d0d6-4e73-a0e5-3f6e57d46fff

You’ve used offensive language on multiple occasions, here are some examples.

Examples of offensive language (NSFW)

That’s a real bummer, I was such a kid back then. I still want to apologize for my behavior 4 years ago. I have grown up a lot since then, and the past is the past. I know the likelihood is low, but is there any way of a second chance? I take full responsibility for my actions, but I can promise nothing like this would ever happen again. Thanks for the help.

A long time (not quite 4 years, but almost :wink: ) has passed since your ban and you do seem to have learned from your mistakes.
You will be given another chance.

Keep in mind that any further rule breaking results in a permanent ban.

Player unbanned.
Dispute closed.

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