4 Year Ban From One Of My Favorite Servers

Minecraft Name: iWontTry
Time of Ban: 4-10-2016
By Who: Thierrycool
Name When Banned: AES3rd

Hi staff and community of TallCraft! I’m here today to try to possibly get unbanned from this server. About 4 years ago today, my older brother and I used the same account (not account boosting or anything of those sorts). He does not use this account anymore because he doesn’t know the password, he lives in a different state, and he’s been in college for about 2 1/2 years. I was banned for what my brother did as you may assume. He said some pretty awful things and I can’t check them so if I could show them I would. All I know is that they were not nice and very rude. I sincerely apologize for the things that he said. He has grown a ton as a person since then and wouldn’t say anything like that, even though he doesn’t have access to this account. I have also grown a lot as a person in the past 4 years and I definitely would not even consider saying anything like what he said. I am now 16 years old and I understand why saying things like that are not only not allowed, but extremely disrespectful and not acceptable. I really loved this server back in 2015/2016 and I loved all of the droppers. This was one of my favorite servers and I really miss it. I hope I can get unbanned because I want to rejoin the community I loved and I was apart of 4 years ago. I promise I won’t be saying anything like what my brother said those 4 years ago, and I won’t let anyone else (other than me) use this account. I also understand that it is completely my responsibility to make sure my account is used by me and only me and I will now always keep that in mind. I hope you guys consider my Ban Dispute! Thank you : )
Edit: I’d like to add that I was also banned for spamming, sorry I forgot to put this in there as I didn’t see it. And no, I will not be spamming at all, it’s rude and unacceptable. Thank you!

Sorry for the book :3 oops

How would you even prove your brother did it and not you

Do you even have a brother?

@Thierrycool please have a look.

I don’t know exactly how I would prove that, as it was 4 years ago. Also, to your other question, I do indeed have a brother.

Don’t forget about this thread! Thanks : )

Sorry! Still waiting for reply from @Thierrycool I’ve messaged him.
Ban info: https://tallcraft-player-search.netlify.app/player/ffc9c9a7d80644cd86ed10fa11313e3e

Your name history: https://de.namemc.com/profile/iWontTry.3
Your ban: https://tallcraft-player-search.netlify.app/player/ffc9c9a7d80644cd86ed10fa11313e3e

Sorry for the late reply, there is quite a lot going on currently and in addition to that, it took me a while to find everything from this case.

Examples of spamming and offensive language (NSFW)

Those are just some examples… There is a lot more.

Keep in mind that even if it was your brother, you are responsible for actions done using your account.

Hi, Thierry, thanks for replying! I understand now how serious this situation was and how offensive it was to others. I am extremely sorry for his actions and I’m also disgusted because I would never think my brother would go that far. I understand that I am indeed responsible for actions done on my account, and I take full responsibility for what my brother said. I know how serious things like this are and I know to never let anything like that to happen again, whether from my brother, me, or anyone else that can have access to my account (which is no one). All I hope for now is your understanding of how truly sorry I am for his actions, as they are totally unacceptable. If you can, could you maybe still consider the dispute? I promise that nothing of the sorts will occur in the slightest. Once again, thank you so much for responding and reading my Ban Dispute. Thank you!
~ iWontTry

If I could just get one more chance Thierry, it’s been 4 years and I really miss this server. I hope you are still considering my dispute, thank you.

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