A few dropper recommendations(and also a question)

Hey everyone, I had a few suggestions for the dropper:

  1. Add in some of the survival commands! I’ll be honest, recording videos in dropper has made me miss /ignore a ridiculous amount, is there any way it can be added to dropper?

  2. Official discord server for the dropper! This is the big one, because there are definitely a lot of people who want this(myself included), and I think that having a discord server that lets people talk about dropper stuff, maybe a collaborative area that includes ideas for maps, and definitely the ability to see survival chat from the discord.

  3. This is the one I care least about, but I would definitely like: maybe a monthly time for speedrunning or something? From what I’ve been seeing, the community behind dropper speedrunning is growing, and I think that it would be fun to have an event where people can play dropper and try to get personal best times on certain things, it’d be a competition with(possibly) a few useless prizes, and could happen monthly/every other month, and could be part of a #event channel on the discord. The issue with this would be that planning something like this could be difficult.

  4. Here’s the question, is full-bright allowed on dropper? I wasn’t sure, because I thought it was not allowed in survival, but in dropper, there are segments that you are supposed to have night vision, so I wasn’t sure if it was allowed to have it.

I thought that these ideas would be really cool to have, and could help the dropper a lot, anyways, thanks for reading this post!

-That’s all for now,


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