A request of an unban (-ShowFox)

Hey, ShowFox here. A few months ago me and a friend was on, and to be honest we didn’t have much to do. So we stared cursing in the chat. We regret that just a couple minutes after as we found that most people here are genuinely nice. As well, we found ourselfs something to do, so we started playing like actual players. I believe about an hour later we both got a ban. Looking back at it, I feel really sorry for my actions.
My friend’s name: Oliober (17/yo)
My ingame Name: ShowFox (17/yo)

Hai! =3

Just reviewed your chat logs.

Your Messages

ShowFox: Don’t fucking talk like that nigger
ShowFox: Oliober is a facking black american dildo
ShowFox: Peace of fuck, stfu
ShowFox: Yo this fucking dude thinks he’s something
ShowFox: I am reporting you motherfucker
ShowFox: No, I’m not leaving this mf server
ShowFox: Yo, let me just fucking play minecraft

With this you shall not be unbanned. For reasons of quantity.
However, you can come back in a year (Or as of now in 10 months) to be given another chance.

Next time, please tell your friend to make an appeal for themselves.

Bai! Take Care >w<