Account change help?

So im not sure what i should do right now but i figured this could maybe help. Ive recently started playing on TC again after a long break. During that break i lost access to the original account i played on which was “MrMcPwnz” which did belong to my friend who let me use it becasue he didnt and i played on TC for over 2 years on that account. the only way back into it is to get the password from my friend who has left for basic training and i have no idea when he will be back and i have no way of contacting him. so i ended up buying my own account and was hoping some way i could get things moved from that account to my new one “echo_3562” i could answer questions or something to prove it was me on the original account.

Welcome back!

Please understand that we can’t do account transfers because we don’t have an automated process it would be a lot of manual work, digging into databases, updating configurations, etc.
If you have anything specific in mind please file a ticket and we’ll consider it. However, we can’t move everything.

All i really care about from that account would be my storage chests that are still locked (somehow half of them are already unlocked) and maybe my VIP rank if possible

Can you prove that MrMcPwnz was your old account?

What would you count as proof?

Anything that shows that MrMcPwnz is the account you used to play on Tallcraft. Normally I’d recommend asking your friend get online and confirm this. But since that might not be possible, perhaps screenshots?
If you could reach out to your friend to get them to confirm this that would be ideal though.

Would a screenshot of me talking to him about the email for the account work?

If anything helps, I can confirm he used the account MrMcPwnz on TC.
I have @Echo_3562 on snap since meeting him on TC 3 years ago.

If there is anything else, I’ll be happy to help.

^ this is also true (thx ent)

Please create a ticket in game at the location of the locked containers and we’ll have a look.

done, i made 2 tickets for the only chests ive found that i care about.

Thank you btw

Hi there,

The chests have been unlocked.

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