Account compromised and items lost

So as some of you may know, my account was bruteforce cracked by a “friend” who I know IRL (and he is a complete a-hole). They didn’t seem to do anything too bad on here, but they got me banned on a bunch of servers besides this one. However, it seems he came on here too and burned all of the items in my ender chest as well as other valuable items that were in my other chests. He also griefed some parts of my base. Is there any way I can get this rolled back? The griefs I can fix myself but I really would like to get my ender chest contents back as it’s basically where I kept everything of value.

Maybe this should be mandatory to watch or know the equivalent of the content in order to report and recover damage by compromisation.

I was actually going to issue a ban until this is resolved when I’ve heard of it (damage had been done at that point already), but didn’t have time to check everything.

A rollback is definitely necessary.

Please let us know when you’ve last had access to your account, so we can roll all the damage back. In just a quick check, I’ve found broken beacons and other things spread across survival, so a rollback will be neccessary. But if you provide us the time, your edits (eg. when you still “had” the account) will remain untouched.

Please make sure you don’t touch anything until everything is settled.


I can tell you the exact date I last accessed my account on TC before this, it was January 30th of this year. I haven’t touched anything yet, I just came on today and found out about all the things he did. The reason it took so long for me to notice this is because I have been trying to get the damage undone on other servers too. What else happened besides my base being griefed? If he said anything racist or hateful I apologize for that. I had what I thought was a pretty good password (like 12 characters varying between numbers and letters) but apparently he was able to crack that. Also, he did join TC for a short time before this, his IGN was “Patriot4967”.

Wow that’s really unfortunate. I’m sorry to hear that. You must have done something to really make him mad at you. What a ridiculous and rude thing to do to someone.

I’ve considered allowing players to use two factor auth in the past. Currently only staff can use it. Would you be interested in that?
12 character passwords aren’t strong enough, I’m afraid. I recommend using a password manager to generate long, random passwords.

Personally I’d be fine with 2-factor authentication (there are some servers I play on that use it and he wasn’t able to get in there). I also have started using a password manager since this happened.

Hmm that’s not really true… You’ve logged in several times between the 30th of Jan and the first login of the other person.

Anyway, I figured out the exact date they first logged in and did a rollback. I’ve also made sure that no edits were made by you after that point.

TL;DR: Everything should be fine again now. :3
If something is still missing, please create a ticket ingame about it.


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