Ban Dispute: EntsOtherAcc

So, I awoke to a tonne of discord messages saying I was banned.
I am guessing this is because of and my fight we had.

I would like answers please.

Hi Ent,
We have decided to discuss this dispute in a message group with the staff team. This conversation will be published to the forums afterwards to keep everything transparent.
We will get back to you soon.

any chance of seeing what has said?

Also, Why am I gone off discord?

Your ban is not directly related to something said. Generally I’d like to keep any other players out of this.

Players and also staff members have reached out to me because of your actions on our platform. I’ve discussed your behavior with the staff team a couple of times recently and we’ve had a look at your public chat conversations.

We have the impression that you are cyber-bulling others, which we do not tolerate on this platform.
To protect the victim/s we will not publish any further information concerning this.

We have also warned you about your behavior and general attitude towards staff in the past. Here are some chat logs concerning this.
When we asked for your statement you said that you wouldn’t remember and you closed with

Nothing, do nothing,
Now on i be good boy for server

Furthermore we’ve seen multiple instances of you trying to provoke other players with the clear intent to start a fight.

Additionally I’d like to bring up your infraction history:
This cleary isn’t the first occurrence of the issues I’ve described.

We have come to the conclusion that your behavior is very unhealthy for our community as a whole and thus have decided to ban you globally on Discord as well as our Minecraft servers.

We believe that we have enough documentation to back up these claims.

Edit: I invite the other staff members to participate in this discussion and maybe provide additional information and their personal view of the situation.

Edit 2: I’ve also found your old player profile

Thank you for your message.

I have reviewed the screenshots, extensively, I can say that there are some instances where I did not behave appropriately for the community.
There are some chatlogs that I do not agree was my fault, however, I do not wish to get into that discussion now, as I know that it will not help the staff or myself to rehash the past.

What I would like to talk about is the acts that I have done in recent times, within the last year, in which I would say that I have become less popular.

-RE: Staff Team-
I recognize that I did not display that I was happy with the current staff system, nor will I take back my feelings about it, but I will apologize for my statements on the discord and chat on minecraft. I will apologize to the staff team for treating them like garbage

  • My Old MC account -

If you would like to discuss my old profile from early 2017 and prior, I will be happy to answer your questions

Here is an instance of you instigating a fight and harassing another player.

It was wrong of me of annoying Slime, I should’ve just kept to myself.

I appreciate that you’re self aware and sorry about the situation. However I also believe that you had enough chances to make up for your behavior in the past, yet you didn’t and caused even more trouble. Thus me and the staff team have come to the decision not to unban you.