Ban Dispute For Thierrycool

Creeperweeperguy: I was temporarily banned from Tallcraft recently by Thierrycool for making a mob Trap at the door of my home in the town I started known as, Western Badlands. I had no intentions to create a player trap or cause any harm into any players I created the trap solely to trap and kill the many zombies and creepers that often came to my door. I hope Thierrycool or an admin can soon see this message so we can sort it out. Thank you for reading.

Your ban:

You’ve built a trap (and a second one close to it) where players could fall to their death and their items would be collected by hoppers.
If I remember correctly you also once asked me specifically if you could make a player trap and I said no.

I doubt this trap was just meant for mobs.

That all being said, the ban is just 1 week anyway and the items are in the chest. Please refrain from creating any further traps like that.

Also, please don’t message staff about unbans.

Ban remains temporary.
Dispute closed.