Ban Dispute: #FreeENT

#FreeENT #FreeENT #FreeENT

You really think this is going to get anywhere? In the ban dispute, it clearly states that ent will not be unbanned:

I appreciate that you’re self aware and sorry about the situation. However I also believe that you had enough chances to make up for your behavior in the past, yet you didn’t and caused even more trouble. Thus me and the staff team have come to the decision not to unban you.


EDIT: newly created user account?:


This is cute, although its sad that ent is gone, he had broken the rules more than any other player, the staff have every right to have him banned, this will do nothing but cause unnecessary drama that will ultimately lead to nothing, but nice try


I don’t really have anything to add to this, Burturt and DaddySquidward pretty much summed it up.

Also, you can’t make ban disputes for others (if you can even call it that).
Closing this.