Ban Dispute - Senor_Guugg

Senor_Guugg: YEsterday I was given a 5 day suspension on tallcraft for wishing death upon another user. It was to my understanding that he/she and I were joking around, as I thought it was someone I had met multiple times before. This turned out not to be the case, and I swiftly apologized to the user. I would like to be unbanned sooner than the 5 days given. The person who banned me was @Ravadosh.

Thanks, Guugg

Bruh just take the 5 days


I play on the server with my little cousin lol. He’s upset that I can’t play with him for the next few days cause he’s rarely allowed on. If that wasn’t the case obviously I’d wait

seems pretty extreme to make a joke like that, You should just wait the 5 days.

@Ravadosh this one is for you. Thanks!


Your ban: Tallcraft Players

It’s 5 days, get over it.
Get acquainted with the rules as stated on the forum.
Telling someone to go die is something I do not take lightly, even if the intent is to joke about.

Dispute closed.