Ban Dispute _Tord_Eddsworld_

Hi! I haven’t been on in a couple of months because of technical difficulties and school. I am just letting you know that I might never be on again. I don’t know if my computer will get fixed, and school is stressing me out. One thing I want to talk to MeowingInsaneley is about my friend’s ban. Tord_Eddsworld was Nightmare_sans. And you banned them for apparently no reason. I would like an explanation. I will not check this again in a while, so that gives you time to reply.

-Sincerely, Littlejuice08

Her ban:

I know this isn’t my ban, but I have seen some of the damage that has been done and have warned her about exactly that, just a few months ago. I would like to add a few things:

First of all, a ban dispute may only be made by the banned player as we want their statement.

Second, you claim that the ban was for no reason, however in the link that you set as the title for this topic ( , you can clearly see that prior to this ban, she got into trouble multiple times for griefing! She has really had enough chances in my opinion. When I made the warning, I didn’t know about the previous offences of her and she would’ve probably not gotten away with just a warning if I had seen that she griefed prior to that.

Notified @MeowingInsanely .

Hai! =3

Understand that staff does not ban for no reason as we make sure that there is something that will lead to a ban of a player.

Unfortunately I could not currently share the details except that they did grief, as you are not the subject player. I would advise you to get them to create their own ban dispute if they want to know what they broke & what lead to a permanent ban instead of a temporary ban.

Good Luck! ^w^