Ban Dispute - zander37

I was banned earlier today for racism and toxicity. It happened earlier today and I’m not sure why I’m receiving this ban. I have come onto this server occasionally for 6 months and have the past week been playing very frequently and gotten to know the survival community. I am helping and welcoming and I get along with everyone on the server. I know more than a few players can vouch for me. I have even just bought 3 shops to try to sell items that will be more for the players starting out and trying to make them feel welcome. If I was toxic in the past I have apologized and I’ve since reformed and have been being the best player I can be for the community. I believe that I should be unbanned because I love the server and I like I said have been active and helpful to new players as well as made friends on the server which I enjoy playing with and having fun. I will not be a second time offender and I am even donating for VIP this week. I would like to be an active member of the TallCraft community and I want the same experience for players that I’ve had so far on the server. Everyone is kind and helping. I want to keep it that way. If I’m unbanned I will not be a problem for anyone and I will continue to try to help the server grow and build. I hope you give me a chance. Thank you for your time.

Your ban: Tallcraft Players
@Ravadosh is the staff member who banned you and will reply with evidence soon.


Your ban: Tallcraft Players

Regarding the racism, how do you plead?


Very guilty. I’m not proud of being drunk and saying things I regret. I apologize for it was childish and uncalled for. As I stated before if my ban is removed I will not be a problem. I have since reformed and haven’t said or done anything offensive or controversial. I would like to remain playing the server and further helping the TallCraft Community. I hope you reconsider or at least leave me with a temporary ban. Thank you for your time

I will discuss this with staff members and get back to you, thank you for taking the effort to discuss this dispute in an adult manner.

Of course. I appreciate it

Your ban will be lifted on the 8th of march.

Dispute closed.