Banned 4 Years ago

My name is skeleshot19 (now known as JakkCrevvice)

A few years ago I was banned (rightfully might I add) for greifing other peoples places. I had definitely enjoyed my time while I was on the server 4 years ago, but now I feel I have matured. I would like to be unbanned so I can prove I have changed and be accepted back into this awesome community.

@Thierrycool issued your ban. Awaiting reply from him.

o.O So many edits to your post…

First of all, I do not have access to the screenshots related to your ban currently.
I think you can be given another chance, however i would like to add that you’ve been tempbanned twice by another staff member prior to me banning you for major griefing…

Keep in mind that any further rule breaking will result in a permanent ban!

Player unbanned.
Dispute closed.