Banned from griefing

hey im Willem_Lens I changed my Minecraft name to PeanutFromHell I was banned from tallcraft almost 3 years I didn’t knew what I griefed (must be the gold ores) from last 3 years someone (cant remember the name) told me there was gold ores so I listened to them total 6 stacks if im not mistaken im 13 years old now I learned my lesson yea I know I was a Minecraft noob 3 years ago now I got banned from griefing I just don’t know why
im sorry for everthing

in game name:PeanutFromHell

Ban profile:
Awaiting @Thierrycool’s response

Your name history:
Your ban:

I do not have the screenshots or details of your ban anymore.
You will be given another chance but keep in mind that any further rule breaking will result in a permanent ban.

Player unbanned.
Dispute closed.