Can I use litematica to create a copy of my base

Can I use litematica to create a 256x256 copy of my base so I can spawnproof in singeplayer

that would be admin abuse

But he’s not a admin? Litematica is a client side mod, so I don’t see why not @Ayoze101

Regardless, we still need moderator’s or admin’s opinion on this

Sure, I don’t see why this would be problematic.

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Well I mean by taking a 256x256 copy of a base, it also means that anything below it (in this case caves for example) will also be copied over. That would mean that you might be able to get to see things that you normally shouldn’t?

The thing is that the anti-xray would prevent the seeing of any hidden ores and I don’t think using litematica to find caves is any faster than mining in the case of such a small sample

Im pretty sure that only caves you have seen before will be copied on litematica

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