Can someone please help me

So apparently I’m stuck in the end. Don’t remember how I got here but it’s probably the reason I stopped playing for a while. But I added the server again and logged in. I was in the lobby for a second then in the end. I’m not able to open anything not chat, not the inventory,and can’t even exit the server without shutting my computer off. Can someone please help me get out of the end.

This is not really possible, sorry.

First of all, the lobby does not have and end. There’s an end on /survival and on /creative.
On survival, you are not in the end, however you are in the end on /creative.
You should be able to just type /spawn to go back to the creative spawn.

Not being able to open chat, inventory seems like you may be stuck somewhere…

I suggest you join to which will send you to the lobby instead of creative and then message a staff member directly so they’re able to tp you away from where you’re stuck in /creative.

PS: Don’t shutdown the entire computer for that, just Alt-Tab out of MC or use Alt-F4 (or whatever your OS uses).

@Yuri, has this issue been resolved?

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