Can someone unban me please?

Hey, I hope y’all are having a great day! I am writing to see if it would be possible to be un-banned on this server. I do not completely remember what happened, but I will try my best to describe it from my point of view. A few years ago, my friend and I got into an argument with another player. My friend and I were both banned on 12-11-17 for offensive language. My Minecraft username is lllleeeefffftttt. I was banned by Thierrycool. At the time, I was twelve years old, and it was something immature I did. I believe I broke multiple chat rules around language and I am sorry. I regret doing it. Tallcraft is a wonderful and fun server. I really appreciate the Tallcraft community, and it was not smart to act out in that manner. I will promise and make sure I do not that again. It to this day is still my favorite dropper. If there is anyway somebody could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

Your ban profile:
@Thierrycool could you take a look please? :slight_smile:

Your ban: .

I think the proof speaks for itself…

Proof (NSFW)

Thierrycool, I was a tweenager. I’m sixteen now. What I said was just some lame attempt to be funny. I would not say anything like that again. Let me know what your final disposition is.

Set her free. I have made the same mistakes and I believe people can grow from their mistakes, otherwise they would be for no good. #justiceforlllleeeefffftttt


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