Caram2 Ban Appeal

Minecraft Name: Caram2

I was banned on 16/06/2015 at 07:04 by Thierrycool for Offensive Language.

This ban was almost 4 years ago, and the ban issued prior was nearly a year (or 6 months I believe) before that. I don’t remember the first ban’s reason or circumstances, but the second ban was because I was attracted to drama and poking the bear to get kicks. Its been a long time, if anyone remembers me, they’d recognize the builds I’ve created on this server and the time and effort I poured into those builds. Really, I’m just looking back at Minecraft nostalgically, and I can see in the DynaMap that my world still exists on that peninsula out there, untouched to some regards, and I’d really like to return and continue building incredible things out there in solitude.

I apologize for my actions those years ago, and ask for forgiveness under a guarantee of improved behavior, but I know my words can only mean so much when my past was the way it is. I ask for another chance, but thank you for your consideration regardless.

Hey Thierry :slight_smile: good to see ya man. Sorry for the past.

Discord Caram#0456 if you wanna open a dialogue.

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Please have a look at this @Thierrycool

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First of all, sorry for the delay.

Your bans/mute/warning:

  • You’ve had a permanent ban prior to this one.
  • I’ve unbanned you from that on 2015-06-05.
  • As usual, we give a warning to anyone that gets unbanned that any further rule breaking will result in a permanent ban.
  • Despite that, you’ve continued to annoy players and curse at them. This has led to me warning you on 2015-06-11, just a few days after you got unbanned.
  • On 2015-06-16, again just a few days later, you’ve been reported by other players again. You have been muted globally.
  • A few minutes later, you joined with an alt of yours, just to continue the fight against the players involved. You’ve also killed at least one player with lava. Both of your accounts got banned.

I will not post the logs due to the fact that their contents (even if names are removed) could be linked to the reporters.

If it was just the original ban, I would easily reconsider my decision after the amount of time that has passed, but the fact that you continued after getting a final chance, after being warned and even after being muted, speaks for itself.

Still, I’m not going to close it just yet, I would like to hear your side and if possible, other people’s opinions as well first.

I don’t remember the initial ban very much, at all really. I know it sounds like a cop out to say I don’t remember my actions or “Oh that was so long ago I don’t remember I’ve matured I’m different blah blah blah” and I agree that my track record is less than impressive. I vaguely remember the mute and the ban, I remember feeling baited by the player who reported me/was the one I berated, and I remember feeling I was baited into giving that player exactly what they wanted which was me gone. I could neglect to inform you of this information, as telling you I felt baited doesn’t seem apologetic or remorseful, but that’s how those events transpired in my memory and I feel like the telling the truth of how those events went is better than lying as if I remember nothing. I don’t remember much more, in honesty, and I’d discuss further if you have logs that would jog my memory, (Free to chat anytime on Discord, I genuinely feel with context I’d be able to better place my actions). I remember this server as a place I made friends, friends that I lost with the ban, but even 4 years later I remember their usernames well and can search them on the bans list and see they’ve mostly all gone from the server, which is upsetting, but even 4 years later I remember them all. I feel like I’m ranting. I remember all the good of the server and not much of the bad. I remember when and where I was banned and who was involved and the emotions I had, but I don’t recall what was said or why or what caused any altercations.

It all sounds within my character at the time to take the mute salt-ily, and to use my alt (Murciman, I presume?) to continue the bickering. Idk

I’m not trying to come back and cause trouble, I just miss the mansion, the castle and the boat I had once built and I see they’re all alive and well and just want to continue my builds and complete the city I’d dreamed of those years ago.

I don’t remember my first ban, I feel it was probably similar circumstances to the second. My actions are shitty, I recognize that I was a jerk and I just genuinely miss the builds and community the server had. I’m not interested in reinstating myself into the community or striking old rivals or anything petty, I just wanna complete my city and add to the Villager villager and make the sewers to the castle and integrate a market and town square and finish the monstrous island build I started those years ago.


Call me. Caram#0456

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