Death Messages and Achievement Messages in survival?

I would like to request death messages and achievement messages in survival, kinda like without any plugins preventing that. I think it would be really cool and would make it so that if you die, lets say, in the end, and lose all your stuff, instead of having to tell everyone your death message, for example, “ThePinkElement fell out of the world”, people might help you get your stuff back because of how kind our community is. And achievement messages, if they were shown I think people would congratulate you more on your achievements. Tell me your thoughts and maybe Tall will see this!

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Poll: Add death messages in discord for survival?

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  • No
  • I don’t care

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and when someone died you could be pro gamer and say “f” in chat yes

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yes! i’d love death messages xD

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I am just going to say I’d rather not have death messages. When I die, I’m stressed and am panicking trying to get my stuff back, when that is happening, I don’t really want like 5 people roasting me like: “Imagine dying, total loser move(I doubt anyone will do this, just an example, I don’t want people saying f either),” when I am literally losing my mind. I would rather die and stay focused on getting my things back while normal chat is going on.

Trying to get your stuff back? But hitting /back is not that stressful and hard…

like nix said, doing /back isnt hard.

(sorry if this was a little rude ive just been berated with rude comments today)

Counter argument: lava. That makes /back not so easy, and thinking clearly while stressed isn’t easy either. I respect the vote, but I detest the idea of “pro-gamer” people yelling lol and f while I try to salvage a mess, and I maintain that death messages are unwise.

No rudeness intended, but I don’t really think the TC community would do such a thing. We’ve had our fair share of rudeness on this server, but it rarely happens. I do though respect your vote. Everybody has different opinions.

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