Discord Linking & How To, + Bonus FAQ's!

How do i link my discord?

  • Step 1: login to Survival
  • Step 2: run /discord link [In game]
  • Step 3: send to @MCChat in messages
  • Step 4: You’re all Linked!

Make sure to log out and log back in to get the role.

  • Updates your nick on discord to your MC Name

What are the perks?

[MC] : The Ability to talk in Minecraft Chats (#Survival #Creative)
[VIP] : Access to a super secret very VIP chat room, (And shows you’re a VIP in game too!)


Q: How can I get the VIP rank on the server?
A: Purchase it on our store, Which can be found here: https://shop.tallcraft.com/category/11510
( €15 Lifetime | €5 per month )

Q: If I change my Minecraft name via ( accounts.mojang.com ) will it update my discord nick?
A: Yes, If you login to the server with the new name

Q: What Versions does Tallcraft Support?
A: 1.12.2 (Dropper, MI, Creative & Survival), Lobby is 1.8-1.13.2

Q: Why does Discord Linking update my Nickname on TC’s Discord?
A: People impersonated others, and/or TC Himself. So this is to stop the abuse/impersonations from happening