Discord server ban

So I was just hanging out in the voice chat with friends on the discord server until I got banned. I didn’t know why I was banned so one of my friends went to the #help chat to ask why I was banned. I didn’t know I was warned by moderator since I was AFK by the time i received the warning. Then as soon as I came back, I had many discord notifications I didn’t feel like reading and marked as read everything on discord since I was lazy to see the messages I have received from discord servers, but I didn’t recognize a private discord message from anyone at that time. I an indeed apologizing for what has happened in the past and hopefully anything like this wont happen again.

You’ve been banned from our Discord server because you set a NSFW status message. Initially had kicked and warned you, but since you’ve returned without changing your status we had to issue a ban.
Thanks for your dispute. I’ve lifted the ban, please change your status message.

I must thank you for the lifting the ban. Yet again it wont happen again. If it does happen again, I must’ve forgotten about it, but again I do indeed apologize for it and also thank you.