Does anyone know our base?

Hey there!

My friend an I started playing on Tallcraft in i think it was 2015 or 2014. we then had this huge minecraft excess that resulted in our base that we call “karheim”. we decided yesterday that we want to play some minecraft again, and we were wondering: does anyone know our place? we are very proud of the whole thing, and we will start resuming the build now . here is a screenshot of the base’s front:

also we wanted to be a bit more active as community members of the server. do we have any active neighbours?

the bases is at 3300 -3800


Wow, this looks great! Glad to see you’re returning after such a long time. Welcome back.
Since the base is so old I assume it’s in the old survival world. So the odds that you have neighbors, which still play on Tallcraft, is unlikely.

oh, i didnt even know that there are multiple survival worlds. does that mean that we are probably forever alone with our base?

Not necessarily. Even though we don’t encourage it, players can still visit the old world.
If you want to have something like an active city though, I’d recommend switching over to survival2.

I built a dropper and I dont know what to do with it.

The server its on is shutting down