Ebic Villa Mall "Purchase"

So me and Teal own a mall just outside of Ebic Villa, near the Skull Museum. Rat wanted to buy it for $1.00, and I don’t have all details yet but Teal told me he didn’t sell it for the $1 dollar, but rat gave $1 to Teal. Rat now thinks he owns the mall even after I, (the co-owner) didn’t agree to the purchase. Teal repaid Rat the money and as far as I know Rat still thinks he owns the mall now.

teal sold me the mall for 1 doler, /trusted me instead of removing the claim, didnt give back the doler, and then untrusted me and now claims the deal never happened. this is teal’s fault for 1, lying to me, and 2, making the deal without talking to you first.

teal said he gave the dollar back, even said so in #survival-chat

teal did not give the doler back

I did. You were AFK. >:(

I assume this is resolved?

Yes, it has been resolved

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