Ent's Fuel Service!

Are you low on Fuel and can't be bothered going mining for coal?
Or are you low on Blaze Powder for brewing stand power? 
  • Well I have a offer for you! For a limited time only (01/09/2018 - 30/09/2018)
    I have a good offer for you!
    for a low price of $300 (In Game Cash) I will give you a stack of blaze rods.
    alternative options are: 16 Coal, 1 diamond, or 3 golden ingots.

  • There will be a shop at /wilderness or /shopzone for the money option!

        Message me on the forums, Discord (Ent319#2402)  Ingame: Ent319 
        To place your orders, If I'm offline -> /mail send Ent319 <-

SALE will happen LAST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER $300 / 10 stacks blaze rods!
Again, this is LIMITED TIME ONLY!