Falsely Banned?

Can I please have an explanation as to why I have been banned?
I left quite a while ago waiting to return for the 1.13 update and now it’s up and I cannot access it? I am a real person who spent funds on the game including VIP access. I’m not an ALT account. I have had Minecraft from the beginning of Minecraft existence and I played quite a lot on TallCraft in 2018. I will reset my passwords so my account cannot be accessed by anyone but me but can this be rectified please?



I can be a witness, Amanda has been apart of the server for as long as I’ve been on and the account definitely wasn’t created as an alt account. Please remove the ban so she can enjoy the server again


When I was active I know Ent had logged into my account to help me now and again especially when I bugged out as sometimes the nether would lag me out and I’d spawn die- It was a noted issue at the time and one of the last times I did play but I didn’t know he was still active- should he have been asked to not log into an alternative account he would have not done so and I think it would have been fair to ask me about it or asked him to get me to come online or something?

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Don’t worry, Tallcraft will get back to you when he’s available.

He also stated this (the second row is the relevant one):


Thank you Razew.
It sure sounds like a punishment, one I was not aware of until right now.

I feel so embarrassed to have been banned, never been banned in any game in my life!

I definitely want myself to be the only one accessing my account, as I said above- Ent did help me last year when there was major server glitches so I didn’t lose all my items but other than those times I did not know it was still active. I am sure he only did things to help others- I would have hoped he was made aware that it is a bannable offense before the " We don’t permit account sharing any longer though". What happened to being made aware of a rule change and a warning?. I thought that would be the kind and less drama free approach.

Thank you for making me aware of that post :blush:

He was made aware of the rule change before the ban was issued. While I’m not the one who issued the ban, I can still assure you that there was nothing personal about it. As you can see, Tallcraft has no intention of keeping you banned, given that the account sharing situation has been sorted out. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!
I wouldn’t expect an answer until tomorrow though, given that it’s 4 am for Tall atm, just so you don’t sit up waiting for an answer. :smiley:

Feels personal because that’s my little Minecraft girl self in trouble ha ha
Thank you for your help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi Amanda,

thanks for confirming. I’ve just unbanned your account. I also went ahead and removed the ban from your ban history. It shouldn’t show up anywhere.

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Thank you so much :blush::blush:

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