Grav820 ban dispute?

I just recently made a ban dispute that was denied but with the corona virus panademic going on I’ve had a lot of time to think and ponder on all the fun and great times I had on this server and how much I miss it and I was just wondering if there was a chance we could work something out to get my ban shortened to like a year or 6 months?
Thank you.

Your ban:
Your alts:

Previous disputes on the new forum: Grav820 Jail appeal Grav820's Ban Appeal
Notified @thierrycool, the staff member who banned you, though I fail to see how the severity of your offense has changed between February and now.

I agree. As I’ve said in one of the previous ban disputes, this was one of the largest acts of stealing we have ever had on here. At that point I didn’t even mention all the alts…

I think this case is pretty clear, sorry.

Ban remains permanent.
Dispute closed.

PS: Please refrain from creating further ban disputes as this could eventually result in a forum ban.