Grav820's Ban Appeal

My ign is Grav820 and I was banned about a year ago but I was put on jail like 2 months before that for stealing from the old world. Looking back on the whole case I feel I probably should of used my head more but all I really want to do now is continue building my house and helping out anrif319 if he still play. Before I was banned, a day-to-day schedule for me looked like building my house and getting shulker boxes full of quartz from the nether for anrif319 so he could further build his monstrosity of a town out of quartz while in return I had perms and he let me build my hotel outside his city. I have absolutely no malicious intentions if I get unbanned and would really just love to continue building my house with the ideas I had previously envisioned.

I’ve contacted @Thierrycool about this. Sorry for the delay, expect a reply within the next days.

No problem. Thank you.

And yes, I am completely aware of the chat logs full of the stuff I stole and I’m not denying it but I really just want to build.

This topic will close in 4 days by the way.

I’m sorry for the very late reply.

This was one of (if not the) largest acts of stealing we’ve had.
I have looked at everything again and decided that I will ask other players about their opinion.
Expect a reply in the next few days with the final decision.

I completely understand.

Ok, I have asked players over the last few days about their opinion and it is quite clear that everybody agrees that due to the severity of this and how it happened, you should not be unbanned.

Ban remains permanent.
Dispute closed.