Hoping to reclaim my base

After a loooong absence (longer than 3 years), I was hoping to start playing on here again.
However, apparently, after my departure, my friend Gundulf70 (now Bobrowsky) protected all of my chests for me, which would’ve been very handy, if only it weren’t for my cage of doors and furnaces which already protected it from outsiders :smiley:

Gundulf, if you read this… Could you agree to having staff remove all the protections from within my chest room, please? (Or just come back and do it yourself) :wink:


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So I’m wondering what the next step is, or what I can do to make this go forward.
Gundulf / Bobrowsky hasn’t logged on to Discord or Minecraft since the last time, by the way…

Hi Neverywhere!

Apologies for the delay. I’ve discussed your case with the team and and while we normally don’t transfer protections without the owners consent, we agreed on making an exception here.
Please let me know when you’re online or ping me on Discord @Tallcraft so we can work on the transfer together.

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Fixed! Closing this.