I am glad i spent 16.65$ on this

Hai, Im soooo happy to have VIP now!!! Im very glad that i bought it and I enjoy talking to all of u peepz. Now, I have a few peepz that I want unbanned. One of them being airforce5301. I want you to understand that he was one of my great friends, griefer or not, so please take this unban into consideration. I know what he did was wrong, and I know that. But he deserves a second chance. Everybody does. Peepz slip up sometimes, so can u plz unban him? This is directed to Thierrycool and Tallcraft. Comment #2nd chance on this topic if u agree.

-Littlejuice08 ;3
PS. Ima create another one of these soon, so keep an eye out!!~ <3

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EDIT: See Theirry’s response below as well!

You don’t just get the privilege to ask for unbans because you bought vip or do anything for that matter, and asking to get supporters (and getting some) isn’t making the case any better. Also, those users have to make their own account on the forum and make the dispute themselves.

First of all, congratulations on becoming a VIP. :smiley:
Second, I think you misunderstood something about what becoming a VIP means. o.O (While I was typing this, Burturt/StarField_9 already replied.)
As they’ve already said, asking for supporters and trying to eventually start some kind of fight here about who will get unbanned, has happened before and will not get you anywhere.

Every player has to create their own ban dispute and then we look at case specifically and come to a decision.

In the case of airforce5301, this already happened. He majorily griefed another staff member’s city (and a few other things). He has then made a ban dispute and it was decided he will not be unbanned.
Details here: Ban dispute - airforce5301 .

Please refrain from making any further posts about this.
Closing this before it blows up.

PS: There is a case where you (and any player for that matter, not just VIPs) can ask for a player to be unbanned: That’s when you were the only affected player and it wasn’t a severe case.
In all other cases, tell the player to make a ban dispute and then wait.