I got banned for 2 months on tall craft for spamming and I would like to appeal

Ok so yesterday I was caught spamming because I was just having fun and then a staff came in and I was hyper and when he gave me warnings I kept doing it and now I really regret doing that and I’m really sad cause I’ve been playing since 2015 and I want to know how I can get unbanned I swear I will never do it again, I’m very sorry

Your ban: https://bans.tallcraft.com/player/Slothyyy
First of all, your spamming was excessive and more than what I would consider “for fun.” Here’s a few instances of the spamming (the first case is where the NSFW part of it comes into play):

Evidence (some NSFW)

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 5.27.20 PM-08.00

And even once I joined you kept spamming even after I said stop:


At this point it appeared like you clearly had a disregard for the rules, other players, and staff, which led to the long ban.

So there is no way to shorten my ban or appeal it considering I broke the rules?

After talking with other staff members and looking at more chat logs (appears to not have been a one-time incident) combined with the fact you spammed a lot and ignored staff, we’ve decided that this tempban will remain for the time being.

Ban remains as-is (60d tempban)
Dispute closed.