I.. got IP logged :(

Well, I’m going to get murdered soon D:[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Who want me to die
  • Who wants me to report it

What do you mean? Usually, if you have a private contract, your IP should be dynamic anyways. Just restart your router. :wink:

Well, this guy on Discord sent me a link. It was shortened. He said it lead to a YT video. So I clicked on it, then it went to Yahoo search. I was like “Oh no…” Then he posted my personal info on a private message.

I told my friend to bust him. I’ll add the pictures. I will cover the swear words

Got the pictures. I’ll send them. !



This happens, and is against the terms of service of discord. Immediately follow the instructions at https://dis.gd/howtoreport (or if you don’t trust this link, just search for discord support). Make sure to include message ids of the message containing a link, as discord can still see messages after deletion for about a week if you have the message ID.

PS just noting that the info they gave you is all just from your IP address. Also depending on where the link was shortened you may want to report it to that website as well

Hi @Paczki please do not create multiple posts. Just add all the pictures in one post.
Also, please do not share the URL that’s shown in the screenshots. Furthermore I do not recommend sharing screenshots where you censored a part of the text. It’s sometimes possible to reconstruct it.

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@StarField_9 It was a DM. Also, apparently the account got deleted

I would still report as discord can help you remove damage the user might have made