I got suddenly teleported =w=


Today around 3:16 am EST

From the tree tops of TheShellPeppers’ city, I suddenly died from lava damage ._.

There’s lava in the city? Nup -w-

I got teleported… -66 y from my original position =w=

(& as you can see I’m using Optifine XD)
Original postition:

Gladly, no important items was lost .w.
(Ty for making drops invincible after death ;w;)

But, I was wondering what happened ._.

EDIT: Okai .w. I know what cause the problem
It’s Either elytra activation or swimming =/

Died while flying then multi-death whilst swiming =<

Elytra lost & so was 10 stacks of jungle logs T^T

Plz fix when admin haz time =3


Oh no! Well that looks like an issue with Anti-Cheat most likely. It can sometimes falsely detect cheating and then try to fix your position. We disabled some checks causing issues but maybe there is more.
I can refund you when I’m online.


Update: The issue came back :<