I have been banned for something I have not done

Minecraft Name: KBowlJr
Hello. First of all I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused to the community. My brother and a few of my friends brothers were playing Minecraft on this server. The involved parties were valourousaxis and FazeDr. I am not been fully informed of what has occurred today, however, I have heard that he has had a conflict with another player. I apologize for any inconvenience caused. I hope everyone does not feel offended by what my brother has done.
Thank you and I apologize for an inconvenience

Hai! =3

For your ban, here are some things you have said:



Note that swearing is absolutely not allowed, even if you remove some letters in it especially if it still sounds like the profanity when pronounced.

If the others in your said party wants to be unbanned then they would have to make another Ban dispute for themselves for further clarification & discussion.

However, “valourousaxis” was not included nor seems to have been in the server, nor is an active minecraft username / account.

ValorousAxis here is my ban(ValorousAxis), I also have a ban dispute up on the forum: My brother's extremely horrific profanity

Just to clarify this was a coordinated attack from all 3 of our brothers who all logged into our accounts(DRfaze,KBowlJr and ValorousAxis) I think that you have spelt my name wrong, I hope we can resolve this MeowingInsanley.

Oh I see, regarding that, I was not the one who issued the ban as it was by “CONSOLE” which would possibly Tallcraft himself.

Please have FazeDR make a separate ban dispute so that we could orderly discuss it.

Yes, it seems KBowlJr & I added an extra “u”. I am sorry for us mistaking that.

Since the person who made this current dispute has been unbanned, I shall now close it.

Dispute Closed

Bai See you =3