I want to get unbanned

I get Bannend an Hour ago for griefing and I know that the decision was right.
I want to get Unbanned because I love the Server and Play there a couple of Hours in the Last few Days.
I helped everywhere where I can, but when I need Something I mostly got Ignored.
Probatly that was the Point because I grief and I only can say Sorry.
I hope I get Unbanned in the next Days so I can Play again. I am only 14 and a Child so the playing on your Server was a good deflection to School.

My Ingame Name is: LaJunge2005

Hai =3 Here are some of what you did:

Proof 1

Understandably, stealing shulker boxes can be considered a major grief.

Proof 2

I know that I have make Mistakes but how long do I get ban?

Sadly, It’s a permanent ban.
You also tried to deny that you took the shulkers & even tried to give them back but were empty when the logs said they were filled with valuable stuff.

Due to the weight of the griefs & the short time you have appealed, the ban duration will not be changed.

However, like others, I will recommend coming back in a year to consider being given another chance.

Dispute Closed.

Bai >w< Take care =<

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