I was banned a week ago

Envymesukas on minecraft and im here to say that im sorry for what i did "destroyed peoples stuff and stole peoples stuff"I would like a reply and see if i can get unbanned?

Your ban: https://bans.tallcraft.com/player/Envymesukas

First of all, your ban was just 2 days ago, not even half a week…

I first banned your for major stealing. You stole multiple stacks of iron blocks among other very valuable items from here.

Just afterwards, I found out that you have also griefed other things. For example, this enchantment table.

Yes i will agree on that so its okay i will stay with my mistakes but i need a answer on when i can get unbanned? and sorry for the cause of this bad stuff ive done

Since I think you misunderstood how ban disputes work, I will give you another chance to write a proper one here in this topic.

This isn’t a “I’m sorry, please unban me.”-kind of thing.
If you do believe you should be unbanned, please add a reason why we should unban your and/or why you think the ban wasn’t justified.

Ok sir,I was banned for destroying and stealing peoples stuff and i regret that so i wanted to teach my self on how to not do that stuff and actually have fun so me envymesukas wanted you to know that i know i did that and it it was bad for me to do and i would work hard and make this server good!

The ban a right thing to do i respect that you are a good owner but i learned that thats not the right thing for me to do.

Sir i clicked tallcraft servers on minecraft by mistake and it said i was banned till 4-9-2019 but i think you made a mistake on that that was on april and it already passed so…?

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