I was banned for selling plots. April-2018


I was banned earlier this year for selling plots in Drackulovia and MeowingInsanely’s city, and have apologized for what I did to the owners, and I want to come back online and remove my claims, and make up for what I did. I was told in the last Ban dispute that MeowingInsanely was going to tell Thierrycool what to do With the Money I got from selling plots.

Note: I don not remember who I sold my plots to, and how much I got from it.
And it’s perfectly fine for me if all my stuff got Rolled back.

This is all I remember, Thank you for listening to me.


Drack & I furgave u already? Owo

Admin plesh unban >w>
(P.s. I’m teh one who repurr-ted owo)

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Ok, I think a global rollback isn’t needed, however I think clearing your money would be fair.
If you agree, message me on Discord when you’re able to login and I’ll unban you and then reset the money, then you’re fine.

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yea it should be fine now

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Awaiting your reply/message, @Mr_Handsome_Potato.

Yes, I am fine with my money being set to 0.
And I will come online and get the plots unclaimed (if they already aren’t).

Player unbanned.
Dispute closed.

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