I wish for death

I was in a nether fortress exploring, looking for wither skeletons to kill to spawn a wither, while doing this, I was killed by a wither skeleton because I was on low health, “no big deal, I can just do /back, right??” were my thoughts when I died, it turns out I wasn’t right because the last thing I saw before I respawned was the wither skeleton putting on all of my enchanted diamond armor and holding my enchanted diamond sword, I eventually killed it after a lot of doing /back, once I killed it, a nearby zombie pigmen picked up all of my enchanted stuff and I accidentally hit it, now every time I type /back I am instantaneously killed by a hoard of zombie pigmen and their leader that is clothed by my diamond armor, is there anyone who can help me, and if not, is there some kind of insurance policy? probably not but it doesn’t hurt to ask

Either screenshot the coords of your death screen, to travel back there manually instead of /back.
As zombie pigman’s who pick up armor/swords don’t despawn so your stuff is technically safe.

I can try that, but I think at this point I’m better off just making new stuff since I have no idea where I died and even if I did end up finding it I would probably just die again, either way, thanks for the help

Sorry, since this is normal Minecraft gameplay we can’t help you with that.
Still, all the best in getting your stuff back or crafting new gear!

Are you free tomorrow? Hit me up on Discord. We will try either getting it back or I’ll replace what I can of yours if you haven’t yet already.

I’ve replaced pretty much everything I had now, thanks for the offer though

No problem. It’s not like I’m using any of the stuff. Better to actually give it to people so it gets used rather then sit in chests.

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