I would like to be unbanned im sorry

My username is stinkyymartin and i was banned for a week
and I dont know why.
It is my favourite server and if i said something im sorry and i was probbably being stupid
Im very sorry and I dont know why i was banned but I would like to play the server again with my friends
thank you

Hai =3
Here are some of what you said for clarification:



im verry sorry for saying this stuff and i wont do it again
i understand these are stupid things to say and i will accept a permanent ban if i say anything stupid like this again
is it possible for my ban to be removed or shortened as me and my friends really like playing on this server?

Hai again =3

I have restudied your ban.
Since it was a multiple offense & others followed after you were warned, this would have resulted in a permanent ban.

With this, I have decided to take no action with your current ban.

Please be patient & refrain from making another ban appeal until your unbanning.

Take care! ^w^