I would like to get unbanned

HyperSurge316 So I got banned recently while my friends were showing me around the area because i didnt know about this server. A few days later we were exploring the area that we all havent been to and then i suddenly got banned for multiple griefs. Im 100% sure i didnt steal anything although maybe it was because i killed a sheep. Anyway, i would really appreciate it if i got unbanned so i could play with my friends again sometime. Thanks for reading!


i agree! during that time, his name was Stoxes, as some of you may remember. i’m not sure what he did was wrong, although even if he did do something wrong, it was one of his first days. i would really appreciate it if he got a second chance!

I was there the day before stoxes/deadsurge318 got banned.The only things he did was kill some sheep and accidentally break a rail in a town that he wasnt able to replace.He was still new and should be given a second chance.Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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This one is for @MeowingInsanely. Please take a look, thanks!

Hai! =3

You did kill all of the sheeps in a public farm, & others that didn’t seem accidental.


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Yeah, I,m really sorry about that and i aslo didnt really read the rules before i started playing on that server. I sincerely apologize about that and i would like to just add that the signs that were placed by ScottyBoy were offensive. I would really like a second chance but I understand if you still think i am in the wrong which i was when i killed the sheep. Thanks for reading and i hope you understand.

yes, even though he did not read the server rules, please could he get a second chance? I’m sure that he will read the rules and that he has learnt his lesson. I really hope that you give him a second chance, although i do understand if it is not possible

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I apologize for the delay.

Unfortunately, not reading the rules before hand is not a valid reason to be unbanned as like in real life, it’s important to learn the basic “Ok to do” & “Not ok to do” as they are used to keep the community or in this case, the server, from being thrown into chaos.

I have reviewed your ban.
The griefs that you have done outweights the chance of you being unbanned.
Therefore the ban will not be lifted.

However, like others whom I banned, I will recommend coming back in a year to consider being given another chance.

Bai =< Take care!

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