I would like to play again in tallcraft, please

My name is not javi7gaymer anymore, I am Saibankan now because I decided to change it.
I don’t really remember which was the reason of my ban but I apologize, I think I have grown up since that day so I would really like to be unbanned and play in the server again

Your name history: https://de.namemc.com/profile/Saibankan.2
Your bans: https://bans.tallcraft.com/player/javi7gaymer

I do not have the details on your first temporary ban which was by another staff member for minor griefing just a few months prior to your current ban.

You were banned for offensive language. This also wasn’t a single thing, you did this over several days.

Proof (NSFW)

However, due to the time passed and this being not as severe as some other cases, I will give you another chance.

Keep in mind that any further rule breaking will result in a permament ban.

Player unbanned.
Dispute closed.