I'd like to get unbanned please.. and im sorry for everything

Hello Tallcraft ( or staff- ) when i was goin to get on the server to unlock the house I noticed that i got banned, so I went on the Tc bans and i saw why i got banned. I got banned for Multiple Minor Griefs, but that was me in the past… but I changed… and im sorry for everything I want to start out fresh, yeah know? but anyway I really hope that i get unbanned so i can play with Littlejuice_08 again… Anyway have a great day.

Ban profile: https://bans.tallcraft.com/player/_Tord_Eddsworld_
(Name history: https://namemc.com/profile/Nightmare_Sans.6)
Awaiting @MeowingInsanely’s response.

Hai! =3

In regards with your ban, firstly, here are some proofs on what you have griefed:


Since there was some post regarding this previously made by littlejuice08.

I am not very happy about this: https://bans.tallcraft.com/player/_Tord_Eddsworld_

Edit: https://bans.tallcraft.com/player/hey_sisters2008

Since most of he griefs were done within Frostwood.
I have talked with the mayor & we can say that you are forgiven for these griefs.

Thus Allowing you to be allowed once more into Tallcraft.
(Though you may optionally donate 1 chest of spruce logs to said town).

Do remember this is you final chance due to your record, next time, it will be undisputable.

Have fun! ^w^