I'm becoming inactive

Well, I pretty much did this around a year ago, but I’ve finally gotten around to telling the public.

The reason I’m becoming inactive is because I’ve been extremely busy with school, and I don’t play Minecraft as much as I used to (I’ve gotten hooked with CS:S)

I just wanted to tell everyone that I really enjoyed playing on Tallcraft; it was pretty much my whole life. Sure, I got griefed once or twice (someone betrayed me), and one of my MC friends got banned, but I still enjoyed the server.

If you see me on, then you got lucky.


P.S I’m Little_Paczki btw

Note that I’ll come on very occasionally

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I don’t remember seeing you on much, but you were one of the people to help me when I first joined!

Wow, memories.

I think I got up to Builder or Designer.

One of the things I miss most is the ‘wb’ everyone got when they joined the server.

See ya man. Never knew you, but it’s always sad to lose a Tallcraft player. Hope you have fun on other games!

Hey Paczki!
I helped you on the server when you were new, and I’m sure you were Designer 7 before I saw you become inactive-ish.
I hope you find what triggers your inner spark and find something you love to do, Good luck in the future and remember if the plan doesn’t work, Change the plan, not the goal.

  • Love from Ent <3

I probably remember you the most.

Note that in rare cases I may come on.

Plus, We’re friends on Discord :3 I couldn’t of asked for better friends.

Yeah, but there was a 3 year gap between texts once XD

I might go on today

anyone up for MI?

MI is broken sadly, but survival and dropper still work


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