I'm going to be inactive for a while


I joined this server August 28th, 2016. For 2 and a half years it was essentially my whole life. I’ve met some of the best people I have ever known on this server. There’s so many great memories linked along with Tallcraft and all of the ones in it. I will always love this server and everything about it and what it once stood for. But recently, I’ve been drifting away from this server and finding new placed to love and cherish and make memories on. Although, new memories can be made they cannot replace what once stood at the very tip top of your mind each day. Wishing when someone was going to come on even if you just wanted to say hi, all the petty fights that happened so many times. Tallcraft has been a great experience for me, but I just think that its time for me to say goodbye. Well at least goodbye for now. Thank you to everyone who’s been involved in these past couple years of my life and I wish everyone so well. Bye TC, it’s been nice knowing you. -Opal <3


Tallcraft is a great place and it’s s sad that you have to leave for a while. I personally haven’t been able to make it on as frequently as I would like due to school, swim, and other activities. It was nice to meet you Opal, take care. Hopefully we will see you on again sometime.


I have thought that, despite the recent lack of players, Tallcraft has been and still is a fairly friendly, accepting community. I am saddened to see this, but if you think it best to depart, then do as you will. I am definitely going to miss you.

Best wishes


I agree, Phantom. The community is still very nice and the players that do play are cool people. I’m sure that with time more players will join.


I will cherish your Opal heads forever :tulip:

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Same lol. I have lots.


hope to see you again opal :}

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