I'm Quitting/Drop Party

Hi everyone, as some of you may have seen on the tallcraft discord server, I will no longer be playing on tallcraft, there are many reasons for me doing this (school has been killing me, minecraft isnt as fun for me as it used to be, etc…) but that’s not important right now, what is important is what I have decided to do with my items, instead of having all of my items rot away in chests, I have decided to host a drop party, the drop party will be hosted at 4:20 PM EST on Friday, March 22nd, this will also be the last time I will ever log onto tallcraft, I hope you can make it, thank you for giving me some of the most fun experiences in my life and I wish you all good luck in the future


Aw bai! We’ll miss ur random discord pokez =<

Hmmm… Cat can’t make it to teh blaze time ;w;
Hope u haves fun doe =3

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You will be missed! I’ll see if I can make it on Friday.

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