*important pls read (ban dispute)

can you please unban my cousin me and her have made several ban disputes and no one has responded and it has been almost 3 years since she got banned. also she and i have sent it since you didn’t respond to either of our messages so pls unban her she is very sry for saying bad words and cussing. it was a long time ago and i"m really you think that it is a long enough punishment for this breaking of the rules. also i would like to apoligise for her actions i should have told her not to but i didn’t so i’m very sry

She cant dispute the ban for reasons (I’d rather not discuss but that’s why she asked me to do it for her so she could play again

First of all, a title like that is not going to help you in any way at all…
Second, the ban is not even 2 years old yet… That’s not really important though.
Third, have her make the ban dispute please. Do not post ban disputes on behalf of other players.

Also, you said you’ve been sending messages, but I haven’t received any… Where have a you sent them? Nonetheless, ban disputes are and have always been handled on the forum, so sending a message wouldn’t do much anyway.

Closing this, please tell her to make the post herself.