It's been a while


It’s been roughly 4 years or so since I’ve been banned for ultimately me being a tad immature and childish.
This server used to be like a second family to me, and the people I know from here that I still talk to still are.

After 4 long years of maturing and thinking a lot about stuff and things, and as a few friends have also stated they’d like to rejoin the server, I was wondering if it was possible to rejoin this wonderful community.

I have talked privately to one of the Mods involved in my ban a year or two ago, and I believe that the conversation had helped to explain matters.

This ban request is for this account and not my older one “OllieDR” without underscore, as I have forgotten the details of what used to be my primary account.

I’m not going to waste even more time with this, so I’ll keep it short.
First of all, “a tad immature and childish” is probably the worst understatement I’ve seen on this forum when looking back at everything that happened.
Second, you have been told on multiple occasions that your ban is final and creating any further disputes will result in a forum ban.

Sorry, but with all due respect, it’s time for you to move on.

I know that after this, I will most likely receive messages and backlash from people, so to everyone planning to do that: Let this serve as a warning, this time I won’t just let it happen, I and/or other staff members will take the neccessary actions.

On that note, closing this, hopefully for the last time.