KimberlyOCopley's Ban Dispute

Minecraft Name: : KimberlyOCopley

When did you got banned?: 07-10-2016 at 21:50 by Thierrycool from this server for: Offensive language: Capsing.

Why we should unbanned you?: I’ve been lots changed myself from 3 years, Keep in mind I was a very bad person/very addicted to using bad words That time (2016). and now 2019 I’ve been changed a lots ever since 2016, I was no longer to use cussing, or toxic, or mean or anything, I’m a new person-friendly, nice, sweet, non-toxic, I don’t use cuss anymore I got lots banned on many servers, and I realized that it getting “Game over” for me no more playing Minecraft bc of banned lots in 2016. And in 2016 I was turning 16 years old (July 2nd which pass already when I got banned on here on July 10). And now I’m 19 years old. I wanted to say I very apologize for what my behavior/cussing/toxic/etc Yes I am a bad person in 2016. But now in 2019 and I’m 19 years old, I’m no longer cussing/toxic/etc. I would like to get a second chance for unbanned. Thank you for your time reading this, I appreciate that! (I’m sorry that my English is not good, I’m hard of hearing, I’m sorry for that). P.S I would not use cussing or anything like that anymore, like I say I’ve been changed alots myself from 2016 to 2019!

Ah Sorry! I dont meant pass on July 10! I was misreading x.x I meant I turning 16 on July 2nd, but it pass already which is 3 or 2 months later.

Your bans:
Your past names:

You were cursing and capsing a lot, in some cases directly attacking individuals.

After your first ban, you’ve made a ban dispute and got unbanned.
Shortly after that, you just abused your additional chance you got, to just continue doing the same things again.
After that, you were permanently banned for the second time.

Here are some examples of things you’ve said before your first ban and after your 2nd chance.

Some examples of things you said (NSFW)

Despite the fact that this is a rather old ban, it’s quite severe, especially considering that you did get a second chance and immediately used it to just continue with the exact same things.

Also, being a young age is not a free card to break rules. If you join the server, you have to stick to the rules, no matter how old you are. There are people much younger who can also follow all the rules.

That being said, even if the above wasn’t the case, 16 is surely old enough to judge your own actions and take responsibility for them.

Due to the age of the ban combined with the severity, I have asked multiple players and while some players said you should be given another chance, a lot of them said you shouldn’t get another chance considering you were old enough at the time to take responsibility for your actions and still wasted two chances.

I have decided I will still give you another chance but keep in mind that any further rule breaking will result in a permanent ban.

Player unbanned.
Dispute closed.