LucamartinsDK Unban

Hello, im Luca my ingame name is LucamartinsDK. yesterday ive been banned and i didn´t know what i was doing when i got banned. I know i broke the rules because i minor griefied. Im really sorry. i didnt knew that i didn´t have to grief. Im really really sorry and i have spend many hours on this server please. And if i get unbanned il never grief or break rules again. i first found out that i would get banned after i did it. If your gyus are unbanning me i will love you. and it is on Survival

Awaiting reply from @Thierrycool

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Your warning and ban:

You have been warned for griefing a wheat farm. (The owner of the farm decided to warn instead of ban for that.)
Later, I have noticed that you broke more things around the same area, including a building made by a player.

I didn’t add the screenshots here since you already know what you did, but if you would like me to add them anyway, I can do so later.

That all being said, your ban is temporary in your case, this means you will be unbanned in 7 days!

Keep in mind though that any further rule breaking will will result in a permanent ban.

i cant wait so long i love this server and all my friends are playing on it. i am feeling so alone. and 7 days is so much. I thought that i maybe would take the wheat and i planted it again so what is the problem. I am so sorry. I waited all the day and then i came home and saw i was banned in 7 days!!!

Sorry, but you broke the rules, so you got punished.
Considering it’s multiple things, you should be glad it’s not more.

Ban remains temporary.
Dispute closed.