Mandelbrot1975 Ban Appeal V2

My Minecraft Username is Mandelbrot1975 and I was banned by @Thierrycool
A while back I created a ban appeal but I wanted to make a better version of that ban appeal. I was banned on June 26, 2018 for Offensive Language, Capsing, and being very rude to players. I called people selfish cheapskates and telling somebody to suicide. I insulted them by calling them a Dumb Crack, a turd, gay, salty, s-word head, and a noob. Ever since I got banned I understood how bad it was to tell someone to kill themselves and how bad suicide is. I also threatened to report someone and tried to make other people false report that person. What I did was very bad of me to do and it will never-ever happen again. Again, I have been banned for almost 1 year now and if I could get one more chance that would be very much appreciated and I will never be rude again. Also I will never cuss again, and last but not least, I will never caps again.
I have learned my lesson to never Cuss, Caps, and I will stop being rude to people.
Have A Great Day!

Your ban:
Your previous ban dispute: Mandelbrot1975's Ban Appeal

Posting the examples from the previous ban dispute here for easier access.

Examples of what you've said (NSFW)

I would like other people’s opinions on this, after also checking the previous ban dispute!

Additionally, just because it happens quite often, I would like to point out this:

[…] I was banned on June 26, 2018 for Offensive Language, Capsing, and being very rude to players. […] Again, I have been banned for almost 2 years now and if I could get one more chance that would be very much appreciated and I will never be rude again. […]

It hasn’t even been one year yet.

Sorry I meant to put 1 idk why i put 2. I fixed the V2 ban appeal to make it 1 year sorry idk why i put in 2 i was not trying to lie.

@Thierrycool So When Do You Think You Will get peoples opinions? I’m Just Wondering Because I am very anxious to find out if I get one more chance or not. Ill be patient I’m not trying to rush you (and also I fixed the “almost 2 year” thing Idk why I though it was almost 2 years but I wasn’t trying to lie.

I’ve posted the link on Discord, so hopefully we’ll get some opinions by other people that way.

Also please don’t PM and @-Mention me unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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I say give him a chance. His offenses were minimal. He also seems to be legitimately interested in playing again.

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sorry slimeman4 i don’t see this as minimal offences. telling someone to kill themself, trying to get someone else banned under false pretenses, being generally insulting to people and only being sorry after they are punished?

even if the person is sorry after being punished i don’t really see this as a reason to appeal the ban, the ban itself is not just a punishment for the offender, its to protect the players that were being attacked in the first place.

moderation is a dirty job sometimes. its not always about making people happy, its about stability and enforcing rules.

what mandelbrot did was wrong, they broke multiple rules and got banned for it. the idea of disputing the ban is to argue they didn’t deserve the punishment they received in the first place -not- that they should be exempt from the rules.

if they are sorry for what they did they should be alright with waiting the full year of the ban to show they value the rules and that they will respect them. arguing the rules aren’t fair is a poor start to an apology for breaking them.

Well I’m not trying to start an argument but just think about it, I’ve been banned for almost a year and back then I didn’t know how bad suicide is but now I know how bad suicide is and suicide is a HUGE problem. Also over almost a year I have learned my lessons to not cuss, caps, and I have learned to NEVER tell someone to kill themselves. But I’m not trying to change your opinion.
-Have a Great Day!

if it has almost been a year then you should wait for your ban to finish. respect the rules and wait. it will show you value the decisions the moderators made and it can be a fresh start for you.

No I was perm banned

I didn’t seen the part of about him telling someone so kill themselves or trying to get someone banned.

then i suggest the moderator change it to a year ban, and put you on a list that any repeat offenses results in a new permanent ban that will not be reversed.

Disregard this. I did not see the part about him telling someone to kill themselves and him trying to get someone banned.

yeah i assumed you missed that part slime. i actually had a thing typed out about it but decided to let you clarify.

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to clarify my stance since its not a cut and dry idea.

telling someone to kill themself should have gotten you permanently banned forever.

but because you are probably young and you admitted to being ignorant to what that actually meant i would allow 1 chance to try and fix what you did. to apologize, to make good on your word and to be a better person.

nobody deserves to have that stuff said to them, i personally do not care if you are banned forever or not, but i was asked my opinion and i gave it.

its important not to let my personal issues get in the way of someone trying to fix something they messed up.

be better than you were, dont just say you are sorry, actually try to fix what you did.

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You are right when I was banned I was only 10 1/2 and now I am almost 12 (right now I am 11 1/2) and I am planning to fix what I did.

Thank you. I was rushed to type lol.

It’s been almost a year sure xD

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Thanks @MeowingInsanely!

I personally, think that if you tell someone to kill themselves, that it isn’t right, no matter your age. Just because your 10 doesn’t mean you have the right to make mistakes like that and not get in trouble. That person for all we know maybe wanted to after that and caused that person to have depression. I’m sorry but it’s a no for me.